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Welcome to Good Shepherd’s Blog!

Welcome to the Good Shepherd UMC Blog!

Why does a church need a blog, you ask? Great question! Here is the vision. You hear people talk about their missions and the way they strive to serve God and be more Christ-like. Often in these dialogs are comments about what they need. Everything from paper plates to furniture. On the other hand, you often hear someone say they have something great that they no longer need, have no place to store and are at a loss as to where to donate the item. The purpose of this blog is to get everyone on the same page, likely!

So how does this work?

You make an easy post like “Hi… Ken here, I have 500 plastic forks, brand new still in the box and seven children’s winter coats. Can anyone use them?”

Then someone else might post “Bob, we could use the forks for Wednesday night dinners. Can you give them to me Sunday? Thanks, Judy”

And so it goes. Now here’s the deal… this site will only work if we use it. Simple instructions for God’s People. And, when we say God’s people, we mean you!

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GSUMC is looking for your feedback on this blog.  Again, the site will undergo various changes as we receive them.  Just click on the “Feedback” tab along the top and leave us a detailed comment.