We’re looking for any feedback, comments and suggestions to make this Good Shepherd blog a better experience for you.  Text too small?  Need more or less information?  Don’t like the color choice?  Just let us know.  Leave your thoughts in the “Leave Comment” section below…

2 responses to “Feedback

  1. Hi Mr. Campbell– thanks for your feedback. We’ll soon discuss viewership once the beta testing of the blog is underway regarding checking comments which will be open to everyone.

    Regarding the photos along the top (header), I will look into stationary “matching” imagery. However, wordpress currently offers either one single photo per page to appear on all pages OR a series of random images taken from a folder within the coding of the GSUMC wordpress blog. Once I’m provided with more imagery, I will investigate your request. Thanks for asking.

  2. I think this is a good idea. Will someone be checking the comments on a regular basis and keeping everything current?

    Is there any way you can make the photographs at the top of each page match the contents of the page?

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